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Additional Resources

Medicare Resources

Medicare Basics

Find out how Original Medicare works and what it covers

Coverage Comparison Tool

An interactive tool to compare options to pay for costs not covered by Original Medicare

Provider Compare Tool

Compare providers, hospitals, nursing homes, home health services, hospice, rehab and long-term care facilities

Costs and Penalties

Learn the costs of Medicare and the penalties for not signing up when first eligible

Compare Coverage Options

A side-by-side comparison of options to pay for costs not covered by Original Medicare

Apply for Medicare and/or SSA

Conveniently apply for Original Medicare and/or Social Security retirement income benefits

Determine Medicare Eligibility

Determine when an individual must enroll into Original Medicare to avoid penalties

Original Medicare Extra Help

See if you qualify to get help paying for costs associated with Original Medicare

Part D Extra Help

See if you qualify and apply for help with Medicare Part D out-of-pocket prescription costs

SSA Resources

Apply for SSA and/or Medicare

Conveniently apply for Social Security Retirement Income Benefits and/or Original Medicare

Retirement Age Calculator

Find out your full retirement age, which is when you become eligible for unreduced Social Security retirement benefits

SSA Income Calculator

The Retirement Estimator calculates a benefit amount for you based on your actual Social Security earnings record Resources

Quick Quotes

Quickly quote ACA On-Exchange plans through

SEP (Initial Enrollment) Screener

Determine if someone qualifies to enroll outside the Open Enrollment period

SEP (Changing Plans) Screener

Determine if someone is eligible to change plans outside the Open Enrollment period

Medicaid Resources

How to Apply

Learn how someone can successfully apply for Medicaid

Access state based resources to apply for children’s healthcare

Requirements to Apply

Determine if someone qualifies to apply for Medicaid

Contact State Program

Access specific state resources to apply for Medicaid

TriCare Resources

TriCare Eligibility

Learn who is eligible for TriCare

Medicare & TriCare

Learn how the benefits work together

DNC Registry

DNC Registry

Register a phone number on the DNC Registry

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We’re a group of passionate people helping you to grow your business.

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New Business

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