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Offering all Lines of Insurance & Investments

Offering all Lines of Insurance & Investments

For over 3 decades, PIMSCO has built a comprehensive list of over 100 carrier partners across all lines of business. Whether you are a specialist only selling one type of insurance, or a full service shop offering everything to your clients, you will always have access to the options you need. For agents who want to begin cross selling, our marketing staff will gladly assist you from start to finish.


Health Insurance

Freedom to write the plans you want, when you want

Increase your market exposure and product offerings by representing a multitude of health insurance products – from Medicare & Affordable Care Act plans (ACA) to Short-term Medical, Hospital Indemnity, Critical Illness, Dental, Vision and much more – PIMSCO has it all under one roof.


Long-term Care

It may not be as popular, but it’s more important than ever

For some agents, LTC is an expensive solution of the past. For the rest of us, it is still a major part of our client’s portfolio. We understand the challenges of issuing Long Term Care and we will show you where solutions might be best positioned within your client’s retirement portfolio.


Disability Insurance

A plug-n-play process, keeping you ahead of the curve

Whether you are a veteran of Disability insurance sales or new to the idea, our specialists are here from start to finish to walk you through our plug-n-play process, designed to make it easy to issue Disability insurance business.


Life Insurance

Back office support to keep you prospecting, not processing

We understand the complexities of issuing life insurance business, and our staff’s #1 priority is to help you get your business underwritten and issued as soon as possible. Aside from new business requirements, we even handle all your case design requests.

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Providing unbiased support from case design to issue

PIMSCO sales coaches are consistently up-to-date with industry changes, product benefits and sales concepts designed to take your business to the next level. Want to issue more premium than ever? Submit an application and continue prospecting, we will handle the rest.

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Property & Casualty

One of the easiest door openers in the business

From personal lines to commercial lines, we have over 40 carrier partners to facilitate the needs of our clients and we offer the highest independent payout structure in the independent P&C channel.

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Elevate your success

Whether you want to go RIA or work with our Broker Dealer, or one of 100+ other firms we are approved with, PIMSCO has turn-key solutions to get you sponsored and on a fast track to becoming a Financial Advisor.

10,000+ Agent’s Can’t Be Wrong

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