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We’ll help you do DI Markets right by helping you learn and understand the most lucrative income protection markets and how to serve them. When it comes to income protection, most agents think of serving doctors. Doctors definitely need DI, but there are also many other high-demand markets with much less competition. Don’t waste your time taking a shotgun approach. Reach out. Build a strategy. Work your plan. These things are possible with PIMSCO on your team.

Carrier Partners

MArketing Library

Custom Sales Library

Download custom marketing collateral to use when meeting with clients. Gain complete access to downloadable file-friendly Fact Finders, sales concepts and turn key presentations.


Underwriting Risk Assesments

Have you ever had an application declined because your marketer said to submit it with a specific carrier without checking the underwriting or suitability requirements? Well, you are not alone. Luckily, our underwriting specialists can help narrow down where to potentially write hard to place cases. Our team is here to help regardless of the complexity of your clients health, financial or criminal background.



Accelerate and simplify your sales process. iPipeline automates processing for every stage of the business – from multi-line quoting to side-by-side underwriting information, downloadable carrier marketing/new business forms and e-app technology, iPipeline has you covered. Our unique and powerful aggregated community of more than 150 carriers, 1,400 distributors and financial institutions, and more than 600,000 agents is dedicated to enabling you to succeed.


Reel Big Rewards

The Reel Big Rewards Program is the easiest to qualify of it’s kind. Earn monthly marketing dollars to invest back into your business in addition to your normal commission. Unlike most FMO’s who purposely litter their programs with disqualifying disclaimers designed to keep you from earning extra cash, we did everything we can to make our rewards program the easiest to qualify. That is why all products and issue ages qualify for the 15 carriers that participate.

Earn up to $100 every time you issue $75k of annuity premium and/or $5k of all other issued premiums*

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