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Quoting Center

PIMSCO’s Online Quoting Center gives you instant access to run formal carrier illustrations as well as spreadsheet and compare plan benefits and premiums. Sign up with your computer or download the PIMSCO Quoting app from the app store.


Quote Multiple Lines of Insurance

Full access to quote Health, Medicare, Life Insurance, Annuities and many different Ancillary plans at absolutely no cost.

Single Sign On

Forget having to track multiple usernames and passwords to access different quoting tools. With the PIMSCO portal, you only have to log in once to gain full access to quote all lines of insurance.

Mobile Phone & Tablet Compatibility

For agents who need access to quoting while in the field, you can download the PIMSCO Quoting app and gain instant access to quote Medicare, Life Insurance and Ancillary plans.

Run Formal Illustrations

Are you tired of calling the carrier or logging into individual carrier portals to run formal illustrations? So were we! That is why we built the Winflex Web technology into the PIMSCO Agent Portal so you can quickly run formal illustrations for dozens of participating carriers.

10,000+ Agent’s Can’t Be Wrong

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Quoting Center

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