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Sure LC Online Onboarding

Finally, one portal for all your carrier onboarding requests. Click the link below to launch Sure LC, our streamlined online onboarding portal which automatically and securely stores all your personal information, making it easy to contract with more carriers in the future.

REMINDER – If you have used this portal in the past with another agency, you will still be required to create a “NEW USER”. 


Medicare AEP Certification Hub

Click the link below to access our Medicare AEP Hub, fully loaded with everything you need to get appointed and compliantly certified to sell.

Compliance (1)

Medicare Compliance Corner

Click the link below to access our Medicare Compliance Corner.


LIMRA AML Industry Training

Click the link below to access the LIMRA Industry Training Platform where you can complete the required AML training.

Please Note: You must submit a request to be appointed with at least one insurance company 48 hours prior to accessing the LIMRA portal so that you are pre-registered and able to log in.


Reg Ed Industry Annuity & AML Training

Click the link below to access the Reg Ed Industry Training website where you can register and complete product specific training for Annuities as well as required AML training.

Please Note: Some annuity carriers require product specific training to be completed at least one day prior to day the application is signed. Please double check with before dating an application to make sure you don’t have any issues.


National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR)

Click the link below to add and/or renew Resident and Non Resident state licenses.

Please Note: The process to be approved generally takes about 48 business hours from the time your application is submitted. Once approved, you must submit a copy of your license to with clear instruction to submit to the carriers you currently represent.


Florida School Continuing Education

Click the link below to access the Florida School of Insurance website where you can easily catch up on any required Continuing Education credits. For LTC producers, this is also a great place to complete the initial 8 hour LTC certification as well as the 4 hour refresher course that is due every 2 years. 

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