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All About PIMSCO


Family Owned & Operated

Feel like you’re just another number with your FMO? With PIMSCO, you’re family.


You Own Everything

Commissions are paid direct to you from the insurance company.


Back Office Support

Best in class support for appointing, new business and commissions.


Competitive Rewards

Earn business building rewards in addition to making full commission.

About Us

PIMSCO is a top-producing Field Marketing Organization (FMO), family owned and operated in St. Petersburg, Florida by top producing insurance agents and registered representatives with over 3 decades of industry experience. For over 30 years, PIMSCO has helped producers all over the country write hundreds-of-millions in premiums for all lines of insurance. Our growth is directly measured by the success of our producers, which is why we understand that we only grow our business by growing yours. Whether you’re insurance-only licensed, a registered representative and/or investment advisor representative also holding an insurance license, PIMSCO has marketing, sales and back-office solutions designed to consistently build your business to the next level.  

Family Owned & Operated

Many of today’s top insurance agencies are growing so large, they can’t keep up with the demand of support from agents. In many cases, they have even had to hire marketers with little to no experience to assist agents in the field. Other agencies are even being bought out by large private equity firms. While growing is a good thing, this generally leads to an overall disservice to the agent because at some point investors will need to be paid back. At PIMSCO, we promise to remain family owned & operated, so agents can continue receiving the personalized support that we promise!

Real Marketing Experts

Do you feel you are wasting your time when you call your marketer with questions? Have you ever had an application declined because your marketer said to submit it with a specific carrier without checking the underwriting or suitability requirements? Well, you are not alone. Luckily, our specialists can answer all your questions for everything insurance related. Whether you have questions about contracting, commissions or a case that you are working on, regardless of the complexity, you will have one contact who can actually answer all your questions!

Transparency & Full Disclosure

We often hear of agencies making false or misleading promises in an effort to recruit agents. We’ve heard it all. From promising to pay for leads without mentioning the production requirements to promising loads of support that they never provide, they’ll just about say anything now-a-days to get you to sign up. Regardless of your past experiences, PIMSCO is different, and well prove it. You may not get a 30 second elevator pitch, but you will get the whole story.

Sales Collateral Library

Are you tired of only being able to use carrier specific marketing materials? Well, you’re not alone. Over the years, PIMSCO has created a complete library of sales collateral for agents to use in the field. From comprehensive and product specific fact finders to policy comparison forms and turnkey sales presentations, we have everything you need to successfully market and conduct business.

Agent Portal

Finally, one login for everything you use in your business. Whether you want to get appointed and/or AEP certified, quote and enroll or even download hardcopy marketing and new business materials, look no further than the PIMSCO agent portal. Available at no cost to agents!


AEP Certifications


Get Appointed


Quoting Center


Underwriting Guidelines


E-App & Drop Ticket


Downloadable Forms

Case Presentation Assistance

We often hear of agents walking away from cases because they felt they were inexperienced or too busy to facilitate the request. It happens all too often, but now it doesn’t have too. Our team is here to assist regardless of your experience. Your only obligation is to get a fact finder filled out and sent back to us. From there, we will shop all available options and train you on how to make the presentation and complete the application. If you still feel unconfident when it comes time for your appointment, we will do the presentation for you without forcing you to split your commissions.

10,000+ Agent’s Can’t Be Wrong

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All About PIMSCO

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