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AEP Retail Program

Gain access to thousands of prospects without driving hundreds of miles. Participating in a retail program is a great way to increase your community exposure and generate more sales during the Medicare and ACA Sales Season. We’re pleased to announce that PIMSCO agents have access to the Healthcare Begins Here program at participating Walmart & Kroger locations nationwide!

Opportunities Are Endless

  • SALES Opportunity. Thousands of people visit a Walmart in your community every day. Now that the opportunity includes both ACA and Medicare Advantage products, everyone who walks by is a potential sale.
  • Referral Opportunity. Although you may not sell to everyone that visits your booth, you will be giving them your business card and making them aware of your expertise. If treated well, they will tell their friends and family.
  • Advertising Opportunity. Walmart wants to become the #1 healthcare provider in the industry; so the opportunity to purchase health insurance in stores will be heavily advertised by Walmart, steering more potential customers to your booth.
  • Branding from the largest retailer in the United States. Walmart provides in-store support, and in-store awareness with a kiosk, special literature, signs, brochures and posters.

Program Requirements

  • Agents must be appointed with at least 2 of the top 3 MA carriers in their local market demographic. 
  • Store fees: Walmart $1,500  |  Kroger $1,150
  • Store fees are due immediately upon request, per store
  • Staff a minimum of 20 hours, 3 days per week
  • Report your daily activity (visitors, appointments, sales, etc.)
  • Medicare Advantage certifications must be completed by September 7th, 2019
  • Store requests are not guaranteed, so act fast and call us now!

By submitting a store request, you agree to abide by all program rules and requirements, and to pay the store fee(s) immediately. Once we receive approval of your request(s), we will notify you via email.

10,000+ Agent’s Can’t Be Wrong

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AEP Retail Program

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